Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 137–Games With Grandma

Playing games is a family tradition from Grandma Carmen’s side of the family.  When she was little, her cousins, aunts and uncles would come over to play a family card game passed on through the generations called “Euchre”.  Whenever any siblings and their families came over, we would have to play a round of Euchre, which we still do to this day.  We would also compete in UpWords and laugh playing BalderdashTaboo and Rook were also a few favorites. 

Today Grandma is still carrying on the tradition of playing games with the kids.  Rummikub, Boxers and Briefs and Farkle are some of their current favorites to play.  Here, she’s got Brooklyn, Britney and Matti playing a round of Rummikub and they are loving every minute of it!       


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