Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Project, Big Mess

The kids love to make these beads into pictures, then melt them together.  This craft provides hours and hours of fun.  Especially when 11,000 of them are spilled onto the floor…


For some reason, when the girls begged me for the largest container of beads at Hobby Lobby, I knew in my heart of hearts this would inevitably happen, especially since I spend my days moving cups that are set within millimeters of the edge of the counter back towards the middle to safety to avoid disastrous spills such as this.  


Maybe next time the kids will listen to me and learn not to place items that can break or spill on the edge of the counter or table. 


Harley was even entertained by the beads.  She liked watching and chasing them while the girls cleaned them up.


It was the best $7.00 lesson (hopefully) learned so far…

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Whew!  It feels good to be back on a regular schedule.  It feels good to be able to go to my dr. appointments and errands without stressing to be back in 2 hours time when the round trip itself takes an hour.   The preschool/Kindergarten schedule is hard enough to keep up for a year or two, and after 3 years, I had it!  The special ed preschool schedule was 23 minutes different from the Kindergarten schedule, which was different from the regular full-day school schedule.  And then early day and minimal day had to pop in and change everything again!  With 6 kids, I had 9 different schedules and times to keep up with for delivery and pick-up!  My day was segmented to the point that I never had enough time to complete an entire task at hand and I was always running!  I am happy to say that after 5 days of school, my laundry is caught up, the pantry is stocked and I’m ready to have time to tackle projects and hobbies that I have put off for the last couple of years.  In the meantime, here is how the first week of school went: 


Matti…was thrilled that she got the “magic trash” on the first day of school.   The teacher watches one piece of trash and whoever picks it up gets a treat.  She also got to be the Student of the Week because the was the first one to turn in her poster.  The student of the week gets to “butt” everyone in line and be first the entire week.  She thought that was very cool!  She also forgot her home lunch in the classroom and didn’t tell her teacher, and didn’t know she could get school lunch so she went the entire day without eating!  I told her next time just to ask her teacher if she could run back to class to grab it.  Poor thing! 


Britney…was lucky enough to find her best friend on her class list!  They got to choose their seats and are sitting next to one another.  Brit loves her teacher.  Her teacher earned brownie points with Brit when they had to bring a bag of 5 things that represent them and her teacher told the class if they are too shy to share, she will share their bag for them.  Score!  Brit is so shy that she has been known not to turn in book reports that she worked really hard on because it was a requirement to stand in front of the class and share. 


Brooklyn…has her first male teacher.  She thought it was gross that every time he lifted his arm he had sweat marks.  Funny what kids report on when I ask them about their day.  She is excited to pursue ballroom dancing.  5th graders have to recruit their own boy if they want to be accepted onto the team.  Brooklyn already had her recruit lined up before the end of school last year!  Where there’s a will there’s a way!


Wyatt…is immersed in a classroom full of penguins!  He and his teacher have something in common:  they both like birds!  We’re off to a good start! 


**Cameron started Junior High this year.  He would not let me take a picture of him on the first day of school, but I’ll get him! 

I have started making protein-rich healthy breakfasts for the kids every morning.  Here they are enjoying their new favorite:  a protein-rich strawberry banana smoothie.  I think I’m going to sneak some spinach into their next one!   


It’s amazing how the fruits and veggies disappear for after school snacks when they are simply cut, peeled prepared and set out.  I am continuing on Grandma Carmen’s tradition of peeling apples.  All the grandkids love her peeled apples and zucchini bread (hint, hint). 

And they’re off to a great 2012-2013 school year!  I love them!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer 2012

We had a lot of life experiences this summer that weren’t so fun.  In between my brother’s sudden funeral, fire, miscarriage and health issues, we did manage to squeeze in plenty of summer outings and fun.  Here’s the “Cliffs Notes” version of our “lazy” summer days that weren’t so lazy:

This is the Place State Park


Hogle Zoo (or as Matti calls it:  “Hobo” Zoo)


Monster Truck Ride


Dinosaur Museum

Utah 2012-20

Foam Days



Utah 2012-216

Day Camp & Scout Camp


Swimming Lessons


Copper Mine


Being a Part of the 4th of July Parade




Birthday Celebrations with Family and Friends

Utah 2012-4IMG_2123

Gardner Village


Air Show at Hill Air Force Base


Shooting BB Guns

Utah 2012-75

Train Rides


Watching Movies with Cousins

Utah 2012-131Utah 2012-118

To truly recognize and experience joy, we must pass through sorrow.  To enjoy the good times, we must have bad times.  As part of our roller coaster ride this summer, I would definitely say we had more “ups” than “downs”.  Life is good.

School starts Tuesday.  I am satisfied with all the time spent together this summer and am looking forward to our Fall Bucket List!