Thursday, December 22, 2011


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here’s 2000 words explaining my blog neglect: 

IMG_1763 - CopyIMG_1761

Amongst all the moving chaos, we are trying to enjoy the Christmas season as well.  Here’s what we have been up to: 

We saw the Christmas Lights at Thanksgiving Point, watched Holiday movies (“Elf”, “Fred Clause” and “A Christmas Story” have been some of our family favorites this year) and have read lots of Christmas books.  Each year we buy one new Christmas Book, have everyone sign it and each night we read one story.  We were given a jar at the beginning of the month with strips of paper with uplifting holiday activities for our family to do each night like “do something for someone without them knowing”.   I think the kids like drawing out slips of paper more than actually completing the activity, but at least we’re trying.  We also decided let the kids draw each others names so they can learn to enjoy the process of gift-giving.  On on of our family nights, we bought some toys to donate to “Toys for Tots” and thanks to Grandma Carmen, the kids have even gotten to bake a little.  I’m packing up the kitchen, so despite all good intentions to bake, I’ll have a great excuse not to now. 

There’s nothing that brings the spirit of Christmas more than music.  We enjoyed Brooklyn’s choir concert  and the Christmas sing-in.  I am sad that this is that last time I will get to see Cam “sing”…(or try to.  Yup.  He is monotone and off-key most of the time, but he has other talents).




It is quite possible that you won’t hear from me until next year.  I am looking forward to 2012.  I think there are a lot of great things in store.  I plan on starting a few new hobbies after settling in.  Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tis The Season

As a blended family, I think it’s important that we come up with our own holiday traditions, and the only way I could set the tone for that was to buy all new Christmas décor.  Last year while the “cat” was away at the Utah/Notre Dame game, the “mice” went shopping at Taipan Trading to “play”. 

Since we are moving less than a week after Christmas, I wanted to keep things as simple as I can this year, but still have a festive atmosphere.  The girls wanted to help me decorate the tree, so I taught them how to stagger the ornaments.  It went up in a jiffy with all their help.  I didn’t even rearrange it after they were done.  They did such a fabulous job and with a little bit of teaching are becoming real assets to the family.  They even helped Grandma Carmen decorate her tree this year.  


The stockings are hung…although not by the chimney because there is not enough room for 8 stockings with a family this large!  I made nametags for the stockings and bought bells at the dollar store for a little added touch. 


Each year, I like to add something new.  This year I added framed ornament photos of the kids above their stockings for a little more bling.  Gosh, I love Hobby Lobby, which is where I purchased these frames (half off, only $2 each).


I have been asked if I keep my table set year round.  And the answer is “yes”.  I have had many dishes broken with the kids clearing off the table, but I have learned to buy an extras because I know from past experience that in a house with 6 kids, décor gets broken.  But I would rather have a space I enjoy living in than a sterile environment with everything put away just because I have children. 

This year, I fell in love with these winter plates that I found at TJ Maxx.  They go perfectly with my Christmas table scape!  And yes, one has already been broken.  I had to teach one child that when clearing the table, you can’t pick up the setting by the placemat to move it…


Harley followed me around today while I was taking pictures.    She likes to sit under the tree and, as seen here, play with the trim on the stockings!   She has enjoyed the Christmas decorations as much as everyone else!


Matti’s 6th Birthday

This is the poster Matti helped make for her birthday spotlight at school.  It pretty much sums up what this 6-year-old is all about.  Matti has always been my little “sunshine”.  As grandma Carmen puts it, she is always “full of  joy”.  She has a spunky, cheerful, creative spirit that will always brighten your day. 


She is addicted to coloring. When we tell her it’s time to clean up, she always has to color “just one more thing”.  And as you can see on her poster she wrote, “I love my cat”.  She loves to make beds for Harley (see Harley in the laundry basket below) and dress her up in doll clothes.


She also loves mermaids.  I’m not sure what started the fascination with them, but this is the 3rd year Matti has been a Mermaid for Halloween.  They are her favorite toy. 

I couldn’t imagine life without this cute little girl.  She reminds me of me in a lot of ways.  When I was little I could entertain myself for hours playing with my cat and making art projects like she does now.  I have pictures of when I was little doing the same things at the same age which brings a smile to my face!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Losing Her First Tooth In Style

The night before her 6 month check-up, her tooth was literally dangling by a thread, but we couldn’t get it out because her teeth were too dang tiny to grasp.  So, we asked our dentist to do it.  When I went back to watch him pull her first loose tooth, there Matti was, with her shades on, watching tv, headphones turned up.  Needless to say, going to the dentist isn’t so bad anymore.       

IMG_1684matti dentist

P.S.  The tooth fairy had the night off since Matti wanted to keep her tooth! 


This isn’t a great picture.  My finger is in the way and the room is dark.  But it was one of those moments that I just had to grab my phone and snap a pic when I walked by Wyatt’s room yesterday and this is what I saw…

harley camoflage blog

A Typical Sunday

It doesn’t matter how early I wake up on Sunday.  We have fallen into the habit of always being 10 minutes late and we end up waiting in the hall for the sacrament.  My goal for the new year is to get there 10 minutes early!  This particular week, I enjoyed watching the kids pile on the couch and entertain themselves and each other while waiting.  The girls are reading “The Friend” Magazine and Cam and Matti are entertaining Colton.  It’s such a joyful moment when your kids do what they’re supposed to do without being asked!