Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 132-My Little Swimmers

Mom:  “You have 5 more minutes to swim, then we need to go.  It’s time for dinner.”

Children  (whining)  “But we’ve only been here 3 hours and 45 minutes and you said we could swim until 6:30”

Mom:  (stomach rumbling, magazines read, lists made, thirsty, tired and bored)  “You can come now, or you’ll be locked out of the room.”

Children:  (stalling)  “Can we swim again tomorrow, and this time until 6:30?” 

Mom:  (walks away, down the hall and ready to go up to the room without stalling children who are still swimming and won’t get out of the pool)

Children:  (see mom is serious…get their butts out of the water, quickly gather pool toys and run to meet mom before the elevator door closes)

This dialogue continued on 5 out of 5 days.  The kids could not get enough of the pool.  When I asked them about their favorite part of the week, their reply was of course, “Swimming”. 


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