Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 9 PROJECT 365 Beauty Salon

With 3 girls in the house, the beauty salon is up and running.  We went to the $ store and found these sponge rollers to try out.  Who doesn’t remember wearing these as a kid?  Truthfully, I was feeling a little lazy and looking for an excuse not to have to blow dry their hair!  Unfortunately Brit couldn’t sleep with them in and came up at 11pm to ask me to take them out.  They worked far too well for Brooklyn since she looked like Shirley Temple after taking them out!    



Krysta said...

I love keeping up with you everyday! I need to give those a try on Kaylee.

Marianne said...

Yeah, I have put those in Makenna's hair and it always seems to be way too curly or not curly enough. I remember the days of wearing those to bed on Saturday night and not sleeping well. They really aren't that comfortable, but they make the hair look cute!!