Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 11 - Family Home Evening Presented by Brooklyn

I have all sorts of new habits that I am trying to establish:   drinking less soda, going to bed earlier, (both of which are nearly impossible) and Family Home Evening.  Thank goodness for the Activity Days leaders that helped the girls prepare a lesson to give to their families.  Cam also had to give a lesson to earn his Weeblos badge.  Both lessons went so well that I think I am going to let the kids (the ones who can read anyway) take turns with mom and dad giving the lessons.  I love being inspired by new ideas that make my life easier! 


What’s FHE without visual aids, a word scramble (below), and the ever-popular time filler known as “hangman”.  We even had a song and cookies that the girls made for dessert. 


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Krysta said...

I need to start doing this with my kids too. That might just be my next Activity Day activity. Thanks!