Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

At 7:15 this morning she ran into our bedroom dressed and ready to go and said,  “Mom, I’m ready for my first day of school!”  Matti was nothing but excited to start her first day of Kindergarten.   With the older kids at school, Matti and I have had lots of time together this past week.  She is definitely a “momma’s girl”.  She still sits on my lap and runs lots of errands with me.  But, as attached as she is, she also sports an independent side.  At the sound of the bell, she fearlessly lined up with the rest of her peers and walked into her class with nothing but poise.  



Tiffiny said...

Awww... those first days of kindergarten were always tear jerkers for me. She's so adorable. They all are. And way to go Wyatt for Student of the Week!!!

Krysta said...

That girl makes me laugh!! she is so full of spunk. I bet her teacher adores her. Ady reminds me a lot of Matti.