Thursday, February 23, 2012

Go Jazz Go!

My “seat snob” husband has definitely spoiled me.  Because of him, I have become accustomed to great seats at any event we go to.  We both agreed that sitting in the upper bowl gave us both vertigo, but it was all in the name of sacrifice so we could take our family to see the Jazz and the Spurs go head to head for family night.  Matti learned that she needed to wait until the other team had the ball to yell “de-fense”.  Although the Jazz lost by 3 and the kids never received a few seconds of fame on the jumbo screen from holding up their posters, the night was a huge success.  They enjoyed the cheering, hot dogs and soda so much, they suggested to us that we go every year.  It looks like we have found ourselves a new family tradition!  


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