Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 57–Going From a “10” to a “Minus 2” in 20 Minutes…

I looked pretty hot tonight.  Justin said I looked like a “10”, which is just what a wife and mother of 6 needs to hear every so often.  However, tonight’s dinner did not agree with me.  After getting suddenly violently ill, I walked out of the bathroom with my mascara smeared and red bloodshot eyes.  My hubby just looked at me and couldn’t believe how quickly I could go from being so hot to looking like a “Crack Whore”.  I don’t think I laughed. 


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Krysta said...

A crack whore??? hahaha! I am laughing. that is such a Justin thing to say. I'm sorry you got so sick. That is no fun! Hopefully it didn't last very long.