Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Been awhile

It's been forever since I last updated anything. Not a whole lot has gone on really. Kari did finish up her time teaching a couple weeks ago and has been home with the three youngest during the week. She has been happier and the kids seem to be enjoying going to the local school and getting home early enough to play with friends and neighbors. It has been a very positive change for us and we have enjoyed the extra time together as a family.
Kari and I were asked to speak in church last Sunday on the topic of..what else..adversity. We both took up more than enough time and really enjoyed the experience together. It was a nice Valentine's day present. We will be enjoying a night out this friday at a local bed and breakfast from a Christmas present from my dad. Dinner will be at Tuscany from a gift from Steve, also from Christmas.
We have a family in our ward that is dealing with some very difficult medical problems. The father of the family is in need of a liver transplant due to a rare condition. We are in the infant stages of putting together a fund raising garage sale so if you have any furniture, or anything else that you would like to donate, please hold onto it and I will update plans soon. We hope to be able to raise the expenses needed to get him in line for the transplant.
Colton is still working with Kids on the Move about his speech and communication issues. They want him to start therapy involving horseback riding to help improve his balance. We are also looking at him getting into an ENT to see if he has any problems with his tongue and if that is why he is unable to make certain sounds or stick his tongue out all the way. We'll get it figured out and hopefully get a treatment plan put together to help him catch up. He's such a happy little guy, it would just be nice to have him communicate better.


Jennifer said...

Keep us up-to date on the garage-sale for your neighbor, we would love to help out. Glad you and Kari and get some away time, with six little kiddos I'm sure it doesn't happen that often. ps....GO BYU!!

-HelpJonandTiffany- said...

Justin, I don't have your updated email from your new job, but I want you to know that I am thinking about you today. I can't imagine what the one year anniversary feels like, but I can imagine. I hope today was an okay day for you and that you were able to feel Michelle's special spirit and love. Take care and yes lets get together this summer some time with the kids.